The benefits of running

Various organisations and experts suggest that there are five key ways to wellbeing and I’m pretty sure that running offers access to all of them. What do you think?

1. Connect Many of us having running buddies; they’re the people who know us better than our own families. We talk with them about everything, especially topics which would be otherwise totally off the agenda. I have some runners who refer to each other as their ‘running wives’…

2. Be physically active Great for the body; great for the mind.

3. Learn new skills Runners at our Run Well sessions are constantly challenging themselves. Some weeks it’s about coordination, other weeks it’s about balance. It’s always about improving our own running skills.

4. Give to others When we’re out for a run, it could be something as simple as smiling at someone else as we pass them or waving and saying hello. At other times, it might be inspiring a friend to start running or volunteering at an event.

5. Be mindful How much attention do you pay to what’s really happening during your run? Does it give you time to process your thoughts clearly, get rid of any physical and emotional tension or do you ‘just run’? Practising mindfulness, allowing yourself to pay proper attention to your body and release any negative thoughts as they arise (‘How far is it still?’) can help you in everyday life, too.

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