Recipe for success

How do you know how to train to get what you want from running? Do you have a training plan? Are you doing what you’ve done before, because you know it works?

There’s a lot to be said about reliving previous successes and sticking to what you know. Experience has told me that I can finish a half marathon, in a decent (for me) time, running around 10-15 miles a week. I need plenty of strength and mobility work on top of that, but for me, that works.

It works for me because I have a generally active lifestyle and spend a lot of time walking; I’m training my body (to an extent) even when I’m not ‘training’. If I wanted to get quicker for instance, I’d need to include more of the training I don’t particularly enjoy. That would also mean sacrificing some of the training I do enjoy. Those two factors would increase the chances of me failing to have any consistency in my training and not achieving the desired outcome at all (GUGF training – thanks Sam and Catherine!).

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this to everyone and I wouldn’t use it as a strategy for anything new (see my ‘up-coming’ marathon attempt – in 2040) or for a particular time-focused target, but it gets me round. My plan gets me what I want in a way that suits me.

If you download a training plan from the internet, it will be specific to the event. It might have a time target associated with it, too. If you’re able to run as many times a week as it suggests, keep yourself well and injury-free, you might get lucky and find that it works for you.

If you can’t, don’t or aren’t, do get in touch; we can write something together that will help you get to where you want to be.

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