Very few of us are gifted the genes that allow us to run well without practicing. Building up our strength endurance (stamina) takes time and it’s unusual to be able to run far without a patient build up over a long period of time.

The same applies when we return from injury or illness. Trying to return to our previous training regime too quickly can not only knock us physically, but can crush confidence, too.

Residual pain or discomfort can lead to an awkward running style; feeling better and neglecting our rehabilitation exercises can push us back to where we started or worse. Each scenario can lead to us being injured again, the cycle recommences and we end up feeling thoroughly miserable.

Most injuries are preventable. A decent training programme, including strength and balance work is a great place to start; a style and posture analysis even better.

If you’d like some advice about your training regime or preventing recurrent annoying injuries, do get in touch – I love helping people to run well!

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