Is it really you?

As humans, we love a positive feedback loop and an echo-chamber is a happy place to be: everyone agrees; everyone thinks what I think; there is no danger here. That’s one of the reasons why we make friends with people in the first place and certainly why we hold on to the people who make us feel valued and comfortable to be ourselves.

But we live in a world where we can feel ‘friends’ with those we’ve never met. With ever-improving artificial intelligence, I wonder how easy it would be to infiltrate that feedback loop with someone artificial? I’m not just talking about a bot that can reproduce Twitter accounts and identical Tweets at an alarming rate, but something sophisticated enough to pose as or potentially become one of our friends.

You know the drill: “Forgotten your password? Please input your email address so that we can verify your identity.” But how would your friends verify you? What do you say or do that would ensure they knew it was you?

#beyourself #selfreflection

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