Guilty feelings

My excellent friend and colleague Joanna (see her fabulous work) once reminded me that I can do anything, not everything. I’m struggling to fit in my running training at the moment. I’m doing the bits I consider hard (speed work, hills etc.), but there’s been no sensible time to do my long runs for the last couple of weeks and it’s unlikely I’ll have time this week. So, I have some options: 1. I can change my training plan (so it was never on the plan, so I don’t have to do it) 2. I can fit it in somewhere else (often a very bad idea, as it could mean over-training) 3. I can give myself permission to ‘not do’ it. I’m choosing option 3. I wonder if teachers, facing the epic ‘to do’ lists of the last few days of term, can find it in themselves to do the same?

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