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OR If you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, here are some excellent sources of support and advice; if you’re still not sure, please speak with your GP: No, “We’re in a pandemic dontcha know?” check-ins here: your wellbeing is as important now as it was 12-months ago, as it will be in 12-months time. Why is a collective traumatic experience a reasonable excuse to suddenly want to know “really” how people are? Shouldn’t we care about each other all the time? To be honest, I’m pretty relaxed about other people’s approaches to wellbeing: ‘whatever floats your boat’ (provided no one else gets hurt) is my general rule of thumb. I’m also pretty relaxed about my own approach to wellbeing. Take this morning, for instance: I’ve been for a pre-breakfast 5k run, then eaten a bowl of berries, three slices of buttered toast, followed by the devouring of an Easter egg in front of Frozen (for the first time – more on that in another missive, I’m sure!). Am I well? Yes thanks, but frankly, it’s none of your business.

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