Failing to win

If you want to run faster, you must try running faster.

If you want to get stronger, you must use your muscles until they’re tired and cannot lift.

If you want to get better at anything, first you must fail.

Urgh; these are terrible truths (although, if you rearrange the words a bit, could help you sound a bit like Yoda – I digress).

Whatever it is you want, unless it’s what you’ve got now, you’re always going to need to do something different to get it. I know that there are Big Things we all want for the universe (an end to poverty; reduced CO2 emissions; Claudia Winkleman to get her fringe cut…) but what about for us in our lives? As you’re reading this blog, it’s entirely possible that you have a running goal in mind or want to feel better about yourself generally.

Ask yourself some of the Difficult Questions: What’s the thing that I want to be different? How uncomfortable will I have to make myself to achieve that difference? What am I willing to risk to get the difference I want?

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