Practice makes…

… permanent. Poor practice is just as good as perfect practice when it comes to training the brain. If you’ve ever seen a physio for your running annoyances or an injury, you’ll know that they’re at pains (pardon the pun!) to get you to make minute adjustments so that you do the exercises correctly. By moving precisely, the brain makes links to the ‘correct’ physical movements, meaning movements are more efficient and will hopefully avoid a recurrence of any injury (the movem

What does it take to run faster?

I recently asked some running folk to think about what they needed to shed in order to be a better runner. As well as responding to the image I used (a shed snake skin; a relatively unusual winter find here in the mid-south of England!), someone commented: “That the pace I ran (after running for 3 or 4 years) was the fastest I would ever be.” So how do you get faster? Well, there are two key areas for development: 1. Practising running faster 2. Letting go of how fast you thi


Very few of us are gifted the genes that allow us to run well without practicing. Building up our strength endurance (stamina) takes time and it’s unusual to be able to run far without a patient build up over a long period of time. The same applies when we return from injury or illness. Trying to return to our previous training regime too quickly can not only knock us physically, but can crush confidence, too. Residual pain or discomfort can lead to an awkward running style;